Implemented by the European Commission as part of the Copernicus Programme

Map viewer

GloFAS map viewer is a web-mapping platform which provides easy access to the flood forecasts and observations of the Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS). The products are tailored to give a fast overview of the hydro-meteorological situation, both ongoing and upcoming hydrological events at global scale as well as background maps.

The map viewer is designed to be an intuitive interface where a number of different products, also called ‘layers’, can be displayed on their own or overlaid on top of each other. The layers are organized in five categories, and each associated with a short description:

Access to  Map Viewer

Each layer can be ordered or switched on and off, and the date of the displayed dataset can be selected using the date tool. By default, GloFAS map viewer is set to the current date. Note that the earliest data available is for the pre-operational GloFAS system, 1st January 2011.
Detailed descriptions of the products available on the GloFAS-IS mapviewer can be found on the dedicated wiki pages.